Sonja Wyss is a long-established artist, who works and lives in Amsterdam. She was born (1967) in the Bahamas and studied Fine Arts in Switzerland, Amsterdam and in the United States of America before completing her studies at the Master of Film at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam.
Her video installations and experimental films are shown internationally at renowned galleries, museums and film festivals. Her video film Grüezi wohl Frau Stirnimaa (Hello Miss Stirnimaa) was selected in for Quinzaine des Realisateurs in Cannes. Winterstilte (Winter Silence), Wyss’s experimental long feature film debut, won a golden calf, was selected for the prestigious Forum at the Berlin Film festival and has been screened worldwide at numerous international festivals. Greifensee was nominated for Best Short Film in the Golden Calf Competition at Netherlands Film Festival. Her work has been distinguished internationally by several grants and prizes.
In the diversity between installations and cinema, Wyss uses clear lines to connect her entire body of work. In her work she draws from memories, fantasies and associations. Her fascination lies in two main themes: fragile beauty and the loss of innocence. In the stories she tells there is often an underlying tension lurking just beneath the obvious narrative. She never explains situations, but depicts them beautifully all the more.

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