…Miss Stirnimaa is a farm-girl, who early in the morning gathers a bunch of flowers, to deliver them to someone, who she feels is of great importance but still unknown to her. So she is marching, rigid and resolute, over the countryland towards the big, unknown city, to find this person. Slowly she gets lost, tired and in the end she falls asleep in a dark corner. The sarcastic but melancholic-touching atmosphere in this typical Swiss like story, is the most important element.
It’s a short story, which is displayed in three frames mounted on one screen next to each other. Those three frames show us one story that is presented in different viewpoints. Visually we could accept those images as a loosely connected line of three different story’s. Sometimes the images seem to loose their context to eachother, sometimes one image seem to extend into the other images to reveal that there is in fact only one story which only shows up into different layers.

Length 3:46 min

To be presented as single channel or as installation with 3 monitors next to each other.