This works contains a single channel film of 16 minutes as well as a Interactive Installation, where the spectator can choose a perspective and change it anytime while watching the film.
Hugo, a sixty-year-old businessman is seated on his bed in a giant hotel suite. Lucy, his younger assistant is seated in the armchair opposite him. The relationship between them is business and personal at the same time. Business because they are well attuned to each other. Personal because Lucy knows him since childhood. They have a last drink. On the surface everything seems normal, until a little incident changes the relationships profoundly. A passing moment creates a decisive turn. A limit is exceeded for the first time – the border between game and reality. Hidden frictions manifest themselves, misunderstandings put the seemingly playful situation in a totally different light. Hugo and Lucy have a different experience of the same event, to be compared with a memory of a common evening in the past, which people remember slightly different from each other. In What time is it, there are two perspectives, two different stories – just like in real life.

Lenght single channel 16 min

Lenght of interactive (double screen) work 9 min

The leading roles: Josse de Pauw and Kristien de Proost