The dreamlike setting of “Hoch-Zyte” (Wedding Bells) shows three women and their multilayered fantasies and dreams about marriage and their wedding day. An 11-year old girl is knitting a “wedding stocking” (Hochzeitssparstrumpf) used to collect money for her dowry. The knitted stocking is getting longer and longer, since a wedding seems not in sight. She is dreaming and waiting for her “prince on the white horse” who does not appear – not yet. A second woman, she could be the girl’s mother, is reminiscing about her own wedding long ago. A third woman, a young maid, is the imaginary bride. In a wedding dress she dances through several scenes in the arms of the groom. A he-goat, dead crows, eggs, a dancing bridal couple and a girl, who is lying on the ground like Sleeping Beauty, are symbols which allude to fairy tales, myths or ghostly dreams. “Hoch-Zyte” can also be interpreted as the life-story of a single person viewed from changing points of view and different phases of her life.

Duration 6 Min.

Performers: Janneke Albers / Andreas Scharfenberg / Dieke de Vries / Lona Tulinski


With the support of  W139